János Gellén M.D.
Registered Specialist in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Prenatal Diagnostics
Moritschstrasse 2 / 3 - 9500 Villach (Altes Parkhotel)
T: +43 4242 / 29 707
Fax: +43 4242 / 29 7 07-4


How you can reach us:

We’d like to inform you that an arrangement of appointments via Email is not possible!

My assistant, Ms. Christine Koch, can always be reached during office hours if you want to make an appointment. If you cannot reach us, please leave a message on the answering machine and we’ll be happy to call you back as soon as possible!

Financial settlement

Treatment at our office is to be financed privately, however, private insurances may assume parts of our fees, according to their individual tariffs. First Trimester Screening and Organ Screening are fee-based also in hospitals nowadays. Unfortunately, public health fund does not cover treatments fees at our office.

We’d like to inform you that all fees are to be paid in cash.

Please note:

We’d like to kindly ask you to cancel appointments at least 24 hours priorly. If not, we would have to charge the usual treatment fee.


You can find the office in the Old “Parkhotel” in Villach, third floor, center. Elevators are available. There’s plenty parking nearby.

Additional information

To your examination, please take with you:

To have the chance of a quiet and profound examination without any stress, please try to organize childcare for children under the age of 8 for the time period you will spend in our office.

Thank you!